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Photo Booth Facts

What Is A Photo Booth? Photo Booth Definition and Comparison.

Many companies claim to offer a photo booth.  Many times you'll find out what they really have is nothing more than a camera, lights, a printer and a backdrop.  This set up is commonly referred to as an “open air photo booth.”  Others may have a pipe and drape structure as a way to offer some privacy.  Neither is what I would define as a “booth.”    

Common "Open Air Photobooth" configuration.
Takes up a lot of space. No Privacy. Not really a photooth.


Typical "Pipe and Drape Photobooth."
Less space occupied but only fits two people with some privacy.                           

The  Dictionary defines the word booth "as a small temporary tent or structure at a market, fair, or exhibition, used for selling goods, providing information, or staging shows" or "an enclosed compartment that allows privacy, for example when voting or sitting in a restaurant.”  The latter being a suitable definition for photo booths - an enclosed compartment that allows privacy. This is important because it will define how your guests will react. They are less likely to relax and let go while a crowd of people stand around watching them.

The Photo Booth Fun Photo Booth. Small footprint (BIG fun) totally enclosed & private, with enough room to easily fit 6-8 adults.