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How do I Choose a Photo Booth Company?

Photo Booth Rental Questions


What is so special about your photo booth?

  1. It's the biggest enclosed booth in the area - it can easily hold 6-8 adults (We have fit 11 in the booth!)
  2. A 20" monitor inside the photo booth allows participants to watch as they pose.
  3. The entire experience from the moment people enter the booth until they receive their prints is less than 60 seconds!  This means more people can enjoy the booth instead of waiting in line.  Many of the others take up to 2 minutes this means more waiting for photos to print and less time having fun.
  4. I offer Truly Unlimited Prints everyone in the booth gets a copy of the photos, no extra charge, no matter if it's 2,4,6,8 or more people. Check with other providers and see if they offer this. 
  5. All packages come with a USB stick handed to you at the end of the night which has a copy of every photo taken during your event, including the individual photos and the finished photo layout. You can reprint as many of these photos as you like- You paid for them you own themI do not retain any copyright.

How  much space does the booth need?
The booth is 5x5 and 8ft high.  A 10x10 area with adequate ceiling height (8-9ft) and access to an electrical outlet should do the trick nicely.

How "portable" is your photo booth?
In a word - VERY.  This booth is completely portable, fitting into 5 cases and weighing less than 100 lbs total. It can be transported just about anywhere.

Do you charge for set up, take down or delivery?
No.  Package pricing is all inclusive - no extra charges. PERIOD!

How long does it take to set up and who does it?
This photo booth can be set up in approximately 45 minutes, allowing a little extra time is always advisable.  Photo Booth Fun staff set up and dismantle the booth.  Some venues like party houses and banquet halls have specific guidelines for vendors to follow regarding this. 
We handle all the logistics with your venue - you don't need to worry about this at all.  The booth will be up and running as promised, set up time is not considered part of your rental time.

Do you have any props like hats, glasses, wigs?
Sure do.  These are included in every package and will be available at the event, you don't need to do anything extra.  Just relax and have fun.

Table Full of Props With All Photo Booth Rental Packages

Are prints included in the rental fee?
Yes, Truly Unlimited Printsare included in the rental fee, I make sure everyone who wants a photo gets a photo. Again, check with other providers as some charge for extra prints or simply don't offer more than one set of reprints.

How long does it take for images to print?
15 seconds

Can I customize the photo layout?
Custom photo layouts are part of every package, you get to review and approve the layout about one week before your event.

Does someone stay with the photo booth?
Every package I offer comes with a full-service on-site attendant who will help your guests get the most out of their photo booth experience.  This includes answering questions, explaining the booth operation, printing extra copies of photos for guests as needed and even cutting them for your guests.  Not all photo booth rental companies offer this level of customer service so ask before you book with anyone.

Can you set up outside?
If photo booth is to be used in an outdoor setting prior arrangements must be made. You are responsible for ensuring that the photo booth is under adequate protective covering with at least three sides providing protection from wind, rain and other element.  Please refer to contract for additioal terms and conditions pertaining to outdoor rentals.

Is there a deposit required to hold my date?
Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit along with a signed contract is required to secure your date.

When is the balance due?
You pay nothing else until 7 days before your event.

What if we want to add time on the day of the event?
We can do that for an additional hourly fee.

What if my date changes, will there be any additional costs?
There will be no additional costs but call as soon as you know your date has changed so availability can be confirmed. Check your contract for additional ternms and conditions.

How many times can we go in the booth and how many photos can we take?
How often do you want to go in?  Go in an out as many times as you want an take as many photos as you like within the time of the contract.  Just be nice about it and share with your other party goers.

Did I miss anything?  If so give me a call  @ 585-337-6030 or drop me an email.